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  • What is Tankhead?

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    Tankhead Thai Boxing is the best place in Denver for authentic Muay Thai, MMA, and self defence. Our classes are for everyone -- whether you want fitness & cardio, self-defense, or even to get in the ring (or cage) to fight.

    We've been teaching Muay Thai, boxing, and MMA for over 15 years in Asia and the US. Our head coach started learning martial arts in the army as a tank crewman (hence our name) and has been training ever since. Our coaches have lived & fought in Thailand and trained with fighters all over the world.

    We came to Denver in 2020 ready for a new chapter in the Tankhead story.

    Come see what we're about in person -- check our schedule for class times and show up ten minutes early ready to learn & sweat.

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  • Muay Thai

    Muay Thai classes focus on the full range of techniques: strikes, kicks, knees, elbows, and clinching. We hit pads, bags, and occasionally each other. Like kickboxing, it's one of the best cardio workouts out there and guarantees weight loss like no other.


    Train for fitness, fighting, or fun. We welcome all levels in our classes.

    Cardio Classes

    Our lunchtime Muay Thai classes have the same level of skill and technique as all of our classes -- except we focus on getting as much hard cardio as possible for a fast-paced lunchtime workout hour! If you love a mid-day kickboxing session, this is a great class for you.


    Take a break from your Zoom calls with a blast of Muay Thai.


    The original HIIT workout, our traditional boxing classes take hard core technical training and break it down for maximum skills and fitness.

    Whether you're looking for an intense technical lesson or you lean more towards the workout aspect, these classes cover it all.


    We train professional and amateur fighters, but we making boxing fun for everyone.

    Personal Training

    We also offer private sessions with our trainers for one person, kids, small groups, or even team building for your office. It's personal training on a whole other level.


    Please see details below or come by the gym and talk to one of the trainers for exact pricing & more info.

    Sessions must be arranged through the trainer. There will be a fee for any cancellations that occur without 24 hour notice by phone or text.

    Fight Training

    From the cage to the ring, we also offer realistic fight training for MMA, Boxing, or Muay Thai fights.


    Whether you want to step in the ring for the first time or you're a seasoned professional, our fight training is focused on growing your skills and preparing you mentally and physically for your best performance yet.

  • Schedule

    Never tried before? Don't panic.
    Beginners and all fitness levels are welcome in all of our classes.
    No need to sign up or register beforehand. Just come to the gym ten minutes before class starts and we'll take care of the rest.
    Want to try a class first? First time drop ins are $35 (for new members and out-of-towners only). But if you drop in for a class and decide to sign up afterwards, we'll deduct the $35 from your first month's fee. For returning members wanting to drop in, it's $40.
    Kids aged 13 and up are welcome in our regular Muay Thai and Boxing classes. We'll make sure they can follow along while learning valuable skills and getting a confidence boost.
    Click the schedule image below for a text-only version. Schedule is up-to-date as of May 2024.

    Denver Weekly Class Schedule. Click for text-only version
  • Prices

    We offer monthly memberships with no contracts, commitments or hidden fees. Prices below are per month. Pay when you come in; we take cash, check, Venmo or Zelle.

    (Please note, pro-rates are for new member signups only. Sorry, but we can't offer any refunds, pauses, returns or exchanges for monthly training or private sessions.)

    Unlimited Training



    (age 14 - 18)



    Day Pass / Drop-in

    $35 first time

    $40 repeat times


    Registration Fee



    Couples and family discounts are available! Contact us or come by for more info.

  • Personal Training / Kids Boxing

    Whether your goal is to get fit, to fight, or to learn a new skill, we can tailor our private sessions to meet your needs.


    1:1 For Adults

    Call or come by the gym to schedule a private Muay Thai, Boxing, or Kickboxing session with one of our trainers. Payment must be confirmed and received in order to book session time.

    • Sessions cost around $120 on average, but can be purchased with discounts if bought in bulk.

    • Each session lasts 45 min to an hour and will be focused on technique, cardio/weight loss, and conditioning.

    • Sessions can be booked weekly or bi-weekly around your schedule depending on the trainer.


    Kid's Boxing / Kid's Muay Thai

    The best way for your child to deeply learn a skill like boxing or kickboxing is to get them in the ring with a trainer one-on-one. This way, there's no interference from a rowdy class of varying ages or skill levels.

    • Each trainer will take the time to help your child learn the proper techniques while making sure they get a good workout and have fun.

    • We have special training programs for anti-bullying and for building confidence and endurance.

    • Available for ages 7 and up.

    • Our trainers can teach traditional boxing or Muay Thai kickboxing, whichever your child is interested in.

    • Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs on average $50 a session. Discounts can be applied if sessions are bought in bulk.

    • Payment must be confirmed and received in order to book session time.


    Private Group Training

    We are also available for group trainings or team building activities. We've worked with offices, school teams, and even with theatre groups to stage combat scenes.

    • Prices vary depending on group size and training requests

    • Please contact the gym for more information regarding private group sessions

    The best way to start your sessions is come by the gym in person and talk to one of the trainers for exact pricing, scheduling and more info.*Sessions must be arranged directly with the trainer. There will be a fee for any cancellations that occur without 24 hour notice by phone or text.

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    We don't mind talking about Fight Club...

  • Find Us

    Come in for a drop-in class or to check out our space.

    We've moved recently!
    As of May 2024, we are no longer on Cedar (or Federal Blvd).

    Our new address is:

    1865 W 12th Ave

    Denver, CO 80204

    1865 W 12th Avenue
    Denver, CO 80204
    Monday / Wed / Friday:
    12pm - 1pm
    5pm - 7 pm

    Tues / Thurs
    5pm - 8pm

    2pm - 3pm